Turkey 2010, 122 mins
Director: Reha Erdem

Set in a small, snowbound village, this is the story of a man with extraordinary powers, who arrives unannounced just in time to restore a young boy to life after drowning.

He is welcomed as a miracle-worker, but the tide soon changes as he turns to stealing and his inability to be part of the community becomes apparent.

The complex Kosmos is perfectly portrayed by Sermet Yesil, with his worldly, wise and profound ramblings about life, love and those around him. And the film’s intricate plot coupled with its simple but visually stunning style make this a beautiful work to behold.

KOSMOS bursts with philosophical ideas, mystical subplots and some truly surreal moments, while capturing the haunting sense of a seemingly never-ending winter and exploring the primal nature of man.

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