Jo Nesbo's Jackpot


Norway 2011, 86 mins
Director: Magnus Martens
Starring: Kyrre Hellum, Mads Ousdal, Henrik Mestad

Based on a story by Scandinavian literary sensation Jo Nesbø, this tense Norwegian crime caper revolves around a quartet of hapless ex-hoods who hit the jackpot when they win millions in a football pool.

They are unable to divide their winnings equally, and fierce argument swiftly descends into violent mayhem as the men turn on one another and things take a drastic turn for the murderous.

Combining the twists, turns and effortless style of classic crime yarns with the edgy humour that made this year's first Nesbø hit HEADHUNTERS so special, JACKPOT is compulsive viewing for those who like their thrillers hard as nails and blackly funny in equal measure.

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