Tridentfest 2011


United Kingdom 2011, 100 mins
Director: Various

Project Trident returns to the Cambridge Film Festival for the third consecutive year, with a very special selection of the dark, the weird and the downright riduculous - films so new, so revolutionary, that some of them are still in a state of feverish production as we write. That is the beauty of Tridentfest!

What we can say is that there'll certainly be a selection of films from Ryd Cook, Thom Dobbin, Christian Lapidge, Simon Panrucker, Johnboy Davis, Tom Martin, Andrej Sosnowski and Carl Peck. And, in addition to the customary extravaganza of strange, homemade B-Movies - with the usual interactive Q&A's from the filmmakers themselves - Tridentfest 2011 also features the world premiere of THE PURPLE FIEND!

Directed by Trident alumnus Carl Peck - a year and a half in the making and surrounded by a fever of hype (it says here) - this 30 minute mini epic promises to "smash boundaries and blow minds to smithereens". On new year's eve dapper chums Professor Laminut and Googy are celebrating, but when their evil nemesis Count Viper crashes the party they must use all their cunning and zeal if they are to save the world by the stroke of midnight. This globe-spanning tale follows Professor Laminut and Googy on their quest to find the "sacred Colocolo of Porabolus" - a holy relic though by society to have been lost in the midst of time...

Was it all worth those months of fake blood, real sweat and occasional tears? Come and find out at Tridentfest 2011.

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