Fire in the Blood


India 2012, 87 mins
Director: Dylan Mohan Gray

The scandal of Big Pharma’s refusal to reduce the prices of the anti-retroviral drugs that could have saved the lives of many millions of third-world AIDS sufferers is powerfully articulated in first-time writer-director Mohan Gray’s often harrowing Sundance-nominated documentary.

Footage of AIDS patients, front-line clinicians, radical health professionals, callous pharmaceutical company executives and politicians as diverse as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush is expertly knitted together to show how, as one interviewee admits, “If things get bad enough, things do change.” As they bust through the patent barriers erected by cynical global conglomerates to reduce the cost of treatment – from $12–15,000 annually to a mere $350 per patient – the victory of a few dogged activists is FIRE IN THE BLOOD’s moving highpoint, albeit underscored with ominous implications for the future.

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