Faust (2012)


2012, 140 mins

In a reimagining of the 16th-century German classic tale, Sokurov (RUSSIAN ARK) brings a legend to life again on the big screen.

Heinrich Faust (Zeiler) is a frustrated doctor, bankrupting himself in his quest to find a physical human soul. In his search for more earthly fulfilment, Faust makes a friend in Moneylender (Adasinsky), who takes Faust on a base journey through physical pleasures and sensations, starting with beer to brawling. Moneylender then introduces him to the beautiful Margarete (Dychauk), leading to the infamous deal of Faust trading away his soul for a certain knowledge.

Winner of the Golden Bear at the Venice Film Festival in 2011, FAUST is a vast and visually stunning feast for the eyes and the mind.

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