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It has been announced on 6th December, that the shares of the Picturehouse cinemas (City Screen Ltd) have been acquired by Cineworld Plc. This exciting change will enable us to open more Picturehouse Cinemas – we are currently exploring opportunities in 10 locations.

Lyn Goleby, Managing Director – Picturehouse, said:

"The Picturehouse cinemas, and all that we stand for, will remain as before and will operate as a standalone division of Cineworld. Everyone recognises that the success of this change depends on the unique nature of the Picturehouse cinemas being protected; the programming policy will not change, the membership schemes will remain in place and the independent identity of the cinemas will be protected. The existing management teams are all staying in their current roles and will continue to ensure that ‘business as usual’ is maintained."

What changes will I see at my local Picturehouse?
Cineworld values our independent identity and the way our cinemas are operated, so there are no plans to change this.

We will continue to offer the Picturehouse experience; the films and events that we screen, our food and drink, our unique community venues - they won't change. We will still be keeping the identity of our existing cinemas and preserving their spirit of independence.

What it does mean is that it offers us the chance to open more Picturehouse cinemas, more quickly than before.

Will ticket prices be affected?
Picturehouse will continue to set its own pricing policy, and remain independent from Cineworld’s pricing policy.

How will this affect film programming?
The programming of Picturehouse cinemas and Cineworld cinemas will remain independent.

We will still be screening a range of features, from art-house, independent, classic, documentary and world cinema films to Hollywood blockbusters.

How will this affect my Picturehouse Membership?
This change in ownership will have no effect on Picturehouse membership. You will still enjoy the same benefits and discounts at your local Picturehouse Cinema.

Your membership will not be valid at Cineworld cinemas and, likewise, the Cineworld Unlimited Card will not be valid at Picturehouse cinemas.

Will there be any job losses?
We do not anticipate any job losses, as a result of this acquisition.

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