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The Hunter (2012) [15]
Director: Daniel Nettheim
Duration: 102 min.

The Grand Budapest Hotel [15]
Director: Wes Anderson
Duration: 100 min.

Little White Lies (2011) [15]
Director: Guillaume Canet
Duration: 154 min.

The Princess of Montpensier [15]
Director: Bertrand Tavernier
Duration: 139 min.

Wadjda [PG]
Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour
Duration: 98 min.

Sarah's Key [12A]
Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
Duration: 111 min.

Melancholia [15]
Director: Lars Von Trier
Duration: 135 min.

My Afternoons with Margueritte (La Tete en Friche) [15]
Director: Jean Becker
Duration: 82 min.

Animal Kingdom [15]
Director: David Michod
Duration: 112 min.

The Congress [15]
Director: Ari Folman
Duration: 122 min.

Cold in July [15]
Director: Jim Mickle
Duration: 110 min.