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Discover stunning cinema. Whether it's a cult classic, an art-house gem or a riveting documentary, there will always be a chance to see something different and brilliant in our weekly strand.

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Hermitage Revealed [U]
Director: Margy Kinmonth
Duration: 83 min.

Human Capital [15]
Duration: 111 min.

Gloria [15]
Director: Sebastian Lelio
Duration: 110 min.

Cathedrals Of Culture 3D [12A]
Director: Wim Wenders, Michael Madsen, Robert Redford
Duration: 165 min.

Concerning Violence [15]
Director: Göran Olsson
Duration: 89 min.

DISCOVER TUE Manakamana [15]
Director: Pacho Velez, Stephanie Spray
Duration: 118 min.

Beyond Clueless [15]
Director: Charlie Lyne
Duration: 89 min.

2001: A Space Odyssey (re: 2014) [U]
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Duration: 160 min.

DISCOVER TUE Set Fire To The Stars [15]
Director: Andy Goddard
Duration: 97 min.

Cathedrals of Culture 2D [12A]
Director: Wim Wenders
Duration: 164 min.

DISCOVER TUE Violette [15]
Director: Martin Provost
Duration: 139 min.