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Picturehouse Gift Card Image 

  Simple, flexible and top-up-able!

  Using Gift Cards at the cinema
  You can use your Gift Card to buy anything
  for sale in any Picturehouse Cinema.
  The exact amount will be taken off
  the card and any money left over will
  remain on the card for another time.
  If there isn’t enough money on the card,
  pay the difference with another method.
  There are no time limits to the card.



Using Gift Cards online
You can use your card to pay for online purchases. When you get to the payment page, change the payment method from ‘Bank Card’ to ‘Gift Card’.

Please note that if you want the Gift Card to be enabled for use online, you need to set up a 4-digit PIN. You can do this over the phone on 0871 902 5747.

Using Gift Cards over the phone
Simply quote your Gift Card number when making a purchase over the phone. We strongly advise you to set up a PIN.