Pay at The Ritzy

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The staff at The Ritzy recently agreed a pay package with Picturehouse Cinemas, which includes substantial pay increases across four years. During the negotiation process it was discussed that the amount of income available to distribute to staff would not be increasing, and that the consequence of such levels of increase to pay rates would be fewer people with more highly paid jobs.

The new General Manager at The Ritzy has been tasked with improving many areas of The Ritzy’s performance. This includes taking a fresh look at the staffing structures to consider whether a new structure will lead to an improvement in the consistency of customer service; a reduction in management time spent on recruitment, training, HR and payroll processes; a reduction in staffing costs; and the removal of the reliance on zero-hour contracts.

There are several proposals which are being openly discussed directly with all Ritzy staff (not just those in a union), and with BECTU as the collective representatives of the staff. No decisions have been made. As the extent of changes, if any, is not known, the company is following a statutory redundancy consultation procedure. We do not consider it is appropriate to comment further whilst internal discussions with the staff are in progress.