Shakespeare's Globe on Screen

Three classics from the Globe on the big screen this autumn:

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All’s Well that Ends Well
Wednesday 26 September (4 October at Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse)
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A story of love and magic – Shakespeare defies all expectations in this comedy

Helena loves the arrogant Bertram, and when she cures the King of France of his sickness, she claims Bertram as her reward. But her brand-new husband, flying from her to join the wars, attaches two obstructive conditions to their marriage – conditions he is sure will never be met.

* * * * Time Out

“Stonkingly impressive... pacey, romantic coming-of-age story that not only ends well but also has you cheering that happy conclusion all the way.”

 * * * * The Independent

‘‘With so much to praise, it is hard to prioritise, but here goes...”

Much Ado About Nothing
Wednesday 10 October
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Shakespeare’s brightest and wittiest of comedies

Claudio loves Hero and Hero loves Claudio, and nothing seems capable of tearing them apart. Claudio’s friend Benedick loves Beatrice and Beatrice loves Benedick, but – because neither will admit it – nothing seems capable of bringing them together. It is only the intrigues of a resentful prince that force Benedick to prove his love for Beatrice – by killing his best friend.

* * * * * The Sunday Telegraph

‘‘A production of such flair and fidelity.’’

* * * * The Sunday Times

“The Globe offers a thoroughly traditional romp as only the Globe can, with giant puppets and musicians playing ouds, serpents and xaphoons.”

Doctor Faustus
Wednesday 24 October
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A terrifying exploration of the human and the divine by Christopher Marlowe

Doctor Faustus, restless for knowledge, forsakes scholarship for magic and makes a pact with the Devil: if the tortured spirit Mephistopheles will serve him for 24 years, Faustus will yield his soul to the Devil after death.

* * * * The Independent
“A fine, lucid production.”

The Spectator 
“A triumph of spine-tingling spectacle. Director Matthew Dunster conjures in a way that would delight the Prince of Darkness himself.”

Full price £9, concessions £8, Members £7