Made in Britain: The Finest Vintage British Cinema

Featuring some of the best, quirkiest and most entertaining cinema that this isle has ever produced, the Made in Britain season is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy five digitally restored classic British films on the big screen. The films illustrate the breadth of the work that has been produced by British filmmakers over the last century, ranging from post-war comedy to groundbreaking sci-fi.

Tuesday 19 June


Director: Nicolas Roeg. UK 1976. 138 mins.

Nic Roeg’s sci-fi classic, starring David Bowie, Rip Torn and Candy Clark. An alien comes to Earth seeking a solution to his home planet’s woes, only to find himself lost in an unfamiliar, corrupt and sometimes hostile society.

Tuesday 26 June


Director: David Lean. UK 1954. 100 mins.

David Lean directs Charles Laughton and John Mills in this tale of a hapless 19th- century boot-maker, who is rather too fond of his local pub and trying to cope with a trio of wilful daughters.

Tuesday 3 July


Director: Roy Ward Baker. UK 1967. 94 mins.

Part of Hammer’s Quatermass series, adapted from the hugely influential BBC originals. Building work in an area of London rich in legends about ghosts and devils uncovers an alien object with malevolent powers.

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